Happy New Year

How many of you have been on autopilot for the last two years? I think I have. I started the pandemic with the hope that I would accomplish great things. Newton invented calculus and a new theory of light during a pandemic. Who knew what could be done.

Now I know: not much. I have stumbled along. I have enjoyed the solitude, my work, and less commuting. I was transitioning part of my practice to online work before the pandemic began (talk about serendipity). I simply did more of it – read “all” – after.

And now omicron. The darn thing just won’t go away. I am reminded of Michael Crichton’s first big novel – before Jurassic ParkThe Andromeda Strain. All about a deadly virus accidentally imported from outer space. Complete with bureaucratic cock-ups (if the virus doesn’t get you, a government error will).

And then eventually the virus mutates. And it becomes less deadly.

So here’s hoping.

I am not a doctor. I was a grad student in physiology a long time ago. I even published a paper – a single paper. And a few abstracts. I know something of science. I am not an expert, nor am I qualified to give medical advice.

I do recommend that you listen to the doctors and nurses in your life, and the scientists. Having studied science for a number of years, I find the field to be credible. Yes it is changing all the time – that’s the nature of science – but believe a person who thinks they might have the answer before you believe a person who is absolutely certain. There tends to be an inverse relationship between truth and certainty.

So get vaccinated. Keep wearing your mask. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. And wait. Change happens.

It has been a stressful time. It will get better. I think. I hope.

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