September is Coming!

August is a beautiful month. A little hot for some, although where I am, it’s perfect. And the nights are starting to cool down. If you’re in the bush, the bugs are starting to subside. In the city, there’s entertainment, night life, no school, perhaps vacation. A great time to relax and restore.

But September is coming. Back to school for the kids, back to work for others. Maybe a move. September is the New Year for many. New beginnings.
It’s also the time when reality hits. Those problems you thought were solved in your relationship or your personal life, they’re still there. They didn’t go away in the hot summer sunshine.

I’m here when you’re ready. I’m always ready to listen to, and to keep safe, the things that are troubling you. With my training in relationship therapy, I can help you with those things that are bothering you about you and your partner. With my background in psychotherapy I can offer relief, and things you can do, to treat your anxiety, depression, or addiction. With my skill in hypnotherapy I can, if you wish, offer you a chance to focus more inwardly, and to deepen the therapeutic relationship.

I’m in Owen Sound now, which is good news for the people of Meaford, Wiarton, Southampton, Tiverton, Durham, and Chatsworth. I’m here to help, if I can.

And for my friends in Hamilton I am setting up Telehealth. Some of you are already involved in the pilot project. You can still see me! For that matter, anyone who doesn’t want to travel can make a virtual visit to my office. Save on gas, save on child care.

Enjoy August. But September is coming. Rates are reasonable. Call me.

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