Psychotherapy for trauma and related issues

Me again Hi. My name is Carl. I'm a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of family trauma. Bad things happen. They don’t have to define you. And you’ve probably already figured that out. I love to work with people who have begun to turn their lives around, and who want to do more.


Trauma can cause anger, addiction, impulsivity, and relationship problems. You can gain more control over your reactions, and calm your relationships.

Individuals, Couples, Families...

Come alone, or bring a friend. Bring your partner. Bring your family.

Most therapy is brief and effective

I don’t do EMDR: the evidence doesn’t support the need for fancy equipment or complicated protocols. Flashing lights are not required. Talk helps. Hypnotherapy helps. Both are quick and effective.

Put yourself back in control of your life. Without fear.

Getting sleepy? You're still in control...

I offer hypnotherapy, where appropriate. Hypnosis is similar to mindfulness or focused relaxation. If you've seen a stage show, you'll be disappointed.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I facilitate it.

Hypnosis is simply focused attention, usually on some internal thought or bodily process (breathing). As you focus you will notice that your awareness shifts. You go inward.

You may experience a sort of healthy dissociation, where you truly are multitasking. One part of your brain listens to me while another part raises your arm or works on some internal problem.

Why hypnosis? Three reasons:

  1. Resistance is lessened. You can still say no. I can't make you do anything you don't want to do. But you may be more open to a helpful suggestion.
  2. You bring a powerful healing ally into the room: your unconscious. Your brain is packed with solutions and ideas for a better life that your conscious mind just doesn't have time to listen to. Under hypnosis, you're more open to new ideas that you yourself have, hidden away.
  3. It's restful. It feels good. Most people enjoy hypnosis.

Licensed, regulated healthcare

As a Registered Psychotherapist I am accountable to the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. As a Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor of the American and Ontario Associations for Marriage and Family Therapy, I bring expertise in healing relationships. I also teach marriage and family therapy, and supervise the practices of other relationship-oriented therapists.